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BX-20 portable steel strapping machine

BX-20 portable steel strapping machine


钢带打包机 也叫手动棘轮紧带机,主要用于捆扎小型物件或物件的紧固功能。 The portable steel belt baler is also called a manual ratchet belt tightener, which is mainly used for binding small objects or the fastening function of objects. The strapping material can be stainless steel or ordinary packing steel belt. , 同时具有拉紧和切断的功能。 This product adopts diamond blade , and has the functions of tightening and cutting. , 可使用 Strong cutting force , can be used 4mm -190mm , 适用配带耳型打包扣的扎带配套工具。 The caliber steel belt is suitable for the cable tie supporting tool with ear-type packing buckle. It is durable, convenient to use and carry, reasonable in structure and beautiful in appearance.

For the use of the portable baler , please refer to the blog: "How to use the portable baler, cable tie and buckle "

Technical indicators:



Using a cable tie

Ordinary strip steel, stainless steel

Use the buckle

Ear buckle

Use steel belt width

4mm ~ 190mm

Use steel strip thickness

0.38 -0.7mm



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