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DZG-800 Vertical Cabinet Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZG-800 Vertical Cabinet Vacuum Packaging Machine


DZG-800 Vertical Cabinet Vacuum Packing Machine This vacuum packing machine is mainly suitable for the inner pumping of larger objects. 2 个真空泵,机身材料全部为 304 牌号不锈钢。 Compared with external pumping vacuum packaging machine , the machine is characterized by better vacuuming effect and sealing effect. It is equipped with 2 vacuum pumps and the body material is all 304 stainless steel. YUPACK 公司开发的电脑版控制系统。 The control part adopts the computer version control system developed by YUPACK company.

Technical indicators:

Sealing length: 800mm (Can also be customized)

8 Sealing adhesive width: 8 -10mm

Vacuum speed: 立方米 40 cubic meters 小时 / Hour

2-3 / 分钟 Packaging capacity: 2-3 times / minute

L850 H800 W450 Vacuum chamber size: L850 H800 W450

L1100 H1000 W Dimensions: L1100 H1000 W 800mm

380V Power: 380V    50HZ     2KW

weight: 220kg

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