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DZW-S1000 external pumping vacuum packaging machine (horizontal external pumping)

DZW-S1000 external pumping vacuum packaging machine (horizontal external pumping)


          水平外抽式真空包装机 可以适用于较大物体、且物体包装袋可以平放,主要适合这一类物体包装。 DZW-S1000 horizontal pumping vacuum packaging machine can be applied to larger objects, and the object packaging bags can be placed flat, which is mainly suitable for this type of object packaging. ( 工作台可以根据客户要求订做 ) The objects are placed on the outside of the pull-out true packaging machine. There is no requirement on the size of the objects, only the sealing size of the packaging is required (the worktable can be customized according to customer requirements ) . DZW-400 型小型外抽式真空包装机 比,不仅封口尺寸较长,而且采用变行程气缸,封口压力平稳,确保抽气后密封良好、抽真空效率高;本机采用电脑板控制,操作简便,可以选择手动或脚踏开关。 Compared with DZW-400 small external pumping vacuum packaging machine , not only the sealing size is longer, but also the use of variable stroke cylinders, the sealing pressure is stable, ensuring good sealing and high vacuum efficiency after pumping; the machine is controlled by a computer board to operate Simple, you can choose manual or foot switch.

IC 、金属加工件的防潮、防氧化变色等,布料、棉羊毛制品等,进行真空包装、降低包装体积,保持新鲜、原味、并可防冲击。 Scope of application: Suitable for electronic products, such as semiconductors, wafers, ICs , metal processing parts, moisture, oxidation, discoloration, etc., fabrics, cotton and wool products, etc., vacuum packaging, reducing packaging volume, keeping fresh, original flavor, and impact resistance .

  DZW-H800 垂直外抽型真空包装机 If the packaged object cannot be placed horizontally and can only be placed vertically , you can choose the DZW-H800 vertical pumping vacuum packaging machine .

Technical indicators:

Sealing length: 1000mm (The length of the sealing line can be customized)

8 Sealing line width: 8 -10mm

Evacuation efficiency: 立方米 40 cubic meters 小时 / Hour

380V 50HZ Power supply: 380V 50HZ

1.5KW Power: 1.5KW

Machine weight: 300kg

1100 640 Dimensions: 1100 640 1600mm

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