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DZW-H800 external pumping vacuum packaging machine (vertical pumping)

DZW-H800 external pumping vacuum packaging machine (vertical pumping)

产品描述 Product description

是我公司新上市的一款 ,主要是针对大物体的包装,该机的封品线高度通过法兰盘调整,以适用不同高度的产品包装,整机为全不锈钢材料,电脑板控制,变行程汽缸、配置进口低压电器发。 DZW-H800 vertical pumping vacuum packaging machine is a new vacuum packaging machine listed by our company , which is mainly for the packaging of large objects. Product packaging, the whole machine is all stainless steel, computer board control, variable stroke cylinder, equipped with imported low-voltage electrical equipment.

DZW-S1000 水平外抽式真空包装机 DZW-400 小型外抽式真空包装机 If the package can be placed horizontally, you can also consider using DZW-S1000 horizontal vacuum pumping machine or DZW-400 small vacuum pumping machine .  

Technical indicators:

Sealing size: 800mm 也可以订制 ) ( Can also be customized )

8 Sealing adhesive width: 8 -10mm

3-8 / Packing capacity: 3-8 times / minute

900 750 Overall dimensions: 900 750 1450mm

weight: 240Kg

380V 50Hz Power: 380V 50Hz

1.5 kw Power 1.5 kw

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