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FL-32B Separate steel belt tensioner

FL-32B Separate steel belt tensioner


FS-32B锁扣机 联合使用才能完成全部捆扎动作。 FL-32B separate pneumatic steel belt tensioner is a novel mechanized pneumatic strapping tool. It must be used in conjunction with the FS-32B locking machine to complete all strapping actions. 具有操作简单,安全可靠,捆扎迅速牢固、牢动强度低等特点, FL-32B pneumatic steel belt tensioner has the characteristics of simple operation, safety and reliability, fast and firm binding, and low dynamic strength.   0.4-0.6MPa ,钢带进带速度每分钟 Use air pressure of 0.4-0.6MPa , steel belt feeding speed per minute 5.3 meters . Suitable for strapping steel, pipes, plates and other objects, machine weight 5Kg .


Using steel belt specifications

32 (0.8-1.2) mm

  Use air pressure


  Belt speed

5.3m / min


850Kg /0.6MPa




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