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KZ-19 type linked steel belt baler

KZ-19 type linked steel belt baler


型连动式钢带捆扎机使用安全可靠,而且适应性强、工作效率高。 KZ-19 linked steel strapping machine is safe and reliable to use, with strong adaptability and high work efficiency. Dedicated to 19mm Wide steel strapping machine . 0.45-06Mpa ,钢带进带速度每分钟 The air pressure is 0.45-06Mpa , and the speed of steel belt feeding per minute 4.5 meters . Small size and heavy 3.2KG .



  Use air pressure


  Using steel belt specifications

19 (0.4-0.6) mm

16 (0.4-0.6) mm

  Belt speed

4.5m / min


300KG /0.6Mpa




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