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LK-32 / 40C high tension linkage belt strapping machine

LK-32 / 40C high tension linkage belt strapping machine


LK-32 / 40C High-strength linkage steel strapping machine (also known as high-strength combined steel strapping machine) is a new developed for the phenomenon of loose or tight packing after the use of wider and thicker steel straps in China's iron and steel enterprises. product. It is mainly used for iron and steel enterprises and non-ferrous metal enterprises to bundle various specifications of pipes, plates, profiles, ingots and other products. The combined steel strapping machine is characterized by large pulling force, high work efficiency, strong adaptability, and use. Convenient, safe and reliable. For each package less than 4000Kg Bundle packing of goods.


Use air pressure


Average air consumption during the whole bundling process

立方米 /min 1 m3 / min

  Banding steel strip specifications

32/40 (0.9∽1.5)

  Steel belt tightening speed

5m / min

  Pulling force of friction wheel












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