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MK-32A pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine

MK-32A pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine


MK -32A 是新型更先进的冶金产品包装机械,拉紧捆带后由上、下冲剪刀,将捆带两端搭接处冲压出特定形状的凹孔进行封锁、不需锁扣。 Pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine is a new and more advanced metallurgical product packaging machine. After tightening the strap, the scissors are punched up and down to punch out a specific shape of the hole at both ends of the strap to block it without locking. buckle. The pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine works on a balancer, and the balancer is hung on a hanger. It can be fixed or packed on the production line to pack metallurgical products, or other products. The pneumatic buckle-free strapping machine requires that the tensile strength of the strapping steel belt should be 600 Mpa or more. 手动钢带免扣打包机的效果基本一致。 The effect of this product strapping steel belt is basically the same as the effect of GEM-006 manual steel belt buckle baler .

,建议选择MK-16/ If the steel strip used is relatively narrow, such as 19mm or 16mm , it is recommended to choose MK-16 / 19A 气动钢带打包机 产品Pneumatic strapless steel strapping machine , or other pneumatic steel strapping products .


Use air pressure


Banding steel strip specifications

  width 32mm thick 0.8mm ~ 1.0mm

Tightening force


Pull-free grip to withstand tension


equipment weight

24.1Kg 0.15Kg

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