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MK-16 / 19A pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine

MK-16 / 19A pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine


MK-16 / 19A Pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine is a new and more advanced metallurgical product packaging machine. After tightening the strap, the scissors are punched up and down to punch out a specific shape of the hole at both ends of the strap to block it without locking. buckle. 各种规格的管材、板材、型材、锭类等产品 This pneumatic buckle-free steel strapping machine works on the balance appliance, and the balancer is hung on the hanger. It can be fixed or packaged on the production line to pack metallurgical products, such as various specifications of pipes, plates, profiles, ingots and other products. . 手动钢带免扣打包机的效果基本一致。 The effect of this product strapping steel belt is basically the same as the effect of GEM-006 manual steel belt buckle baler .

免扣钢带打包机或其它钢带打包机产品If the steel belt is wider, you can choose a pneumatic strapless steel belt baler with a width of 32mm or other steel belt baler products .   


Use air pressure

0.6Mpa 0.4 0.6Mpa

Banding steel strip specifications

  19) (16 19) 0.6mm

Tightening force

≥4.9KN / 0.6Mpa

Lock form

Convex and concave buckle

equipment weight


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