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ZF300 Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine

ZF300 Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine

真空包装机 系列中较小的一个产品,该机主要是以塑料复合袋或塑料铝箔复合袋为包装材料,对茶叶等较小的产品进行真空热封包装的设备。 Tea vacuum packaging machine is a smaller product in the vacuum packaging machine series. This machine mainly uses plastic composite bags or plastic aluminum foil composite bags as packaging materials to vacuum heat-seal packaging equipment for small products such as tea. The tea products packaged by the tea vacuum packaging machine can effectively prevent the loss of tea oxidation, mildew, moth, moisture, etc., effectively extend the shelf life of tea, shelf life, taste and color, thereby extending the shelf life of the tea. 3 套方形成型磨具,以方便茶叶成型包装。 The tea vacuum packaging machine is equipped with 3 sets of square shaped abrasive tools to facilitate tea molding and packaging.

Applicable industries: Tea, solid, powder, paste or liquid can be packed

Main Specifications:

Sealing length: 300mm

Sealing width: 8mm

20-30 / Working efficiency: 20-30 seconds / time

0.06~0.08Mpa Standard vacuum: 0.06 ~ 0.08Mpa

600 450 Dimensions: 600 450 385mm

80DB Noise: ≤ 80DB

220V /50HZ / Power supply: 220V / 50HZ / 5A

260W Power: 260W

weight: 38kg

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