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KZB-II leading low-stage semi-automatic baler

KZB-II leading low-stage semi-automatic baler

Product introduction:

是半自动打包机中使用广泛的设备之一,该机不受物品尺寸大小的限制,而且对于较重的货物进行打包作业,操作非常便利。 KZB-II leading low-stage semi-automatic baler is one of the most widely used equipment in semi-automatic baler. The machine is not limited by the size of the item, and it is very convenient to pack heavy goods. Can be applied to industries such as food, logistics, pharmaceuticals, courier, chemical, automotive parts and other industries. The machine is easy to operate and has a low failure rate. The automatic shutdown function of the motor saves production costs for users.

Performance characteristics:

304 不锈钢罗拉,充分保证用户的易损配件使用寿命更长 304 stainless steel roller, fully guarantee the user's wearing parts have a longer service life

马达自动停电设备,省电、耐用 Automatic motor power failure equipment, power saving, durable

主要配件均采用台湾品牌,整机质量更可靠 Main parts are from Taiwan brand, the quality of the whole machine is more reliable

上好的工具钢制作切刀,使得切刀的耐磨程度更高、使用寿命更长 Cutter made of good tool steel makes the cutter more wear-resistant and longer life

快速电热设计,加热快又安全 Fast electric heating design, fast and safe heating

精确轨道,确保打包带正确粘合、连接点强度高 Precise orbits to ensure correct bonding of the straps and high connection point strength

304 stainless steel roller industrial grade circuit board clutch imported from Taiwan

Photoelectric detection

Technical Parameters:



Strapping force


Strapping speed

秒/道 2.5 seconds / channel

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 15mm

power supply

110 / 220V 50 / 60HZ . Simplex



Machine size

905 * 565 * 450mm

Machine weight


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