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S998 / S975 Gas Heat Shrink Gun

S998 / S975 Gas Heat Shrink Gun


系列 瓦斯热收缩枪为美国 SHRINKFA 主流产品之一。 S998 / S975 series gas heat shrink gun is one of the mainstream products of American SHRINKFA . 热收缩机 无法对大型物品包装的市场,效果极佳。 This product is suitable for heat-shrink packaging of large industrial products or pallet products, which makes up for the market where traditional heat-shrinking machines cannot package large items, with excellent results. 热收缩枪 使用的 收缩膜可以订做或特制。 The shrink film used in the S998 / S975 heat shrink gun can be customized or customized. 适用行业:磁砖 , 卫浴设备 , 大型机件 , 化学品 , 冷冻食品 , 建材等热收缩包装使用。 Particularly suitable for industries: tiles , sanitary equipment , large machinery parts , chemicals , frozen food , building materials and other heat-shrinkable packaging.    The product features are as follows:
、重量仅 1.Weight only 公斤 1 kg 操作简便; Easy to operate;
、使用一般桶装瓦斯即可,机动性高; 2. Just use ordinary drum gas, high mobility;
、出火量大且宽,操作时间短; 3 , the amount of fire is large and wide, and the operation time is short;
、安全性高,机器一离手,瞬间熄火; 4. High safety, the machine will turn off instantly as soon as the machine is out of hand;
、机身为防撞塑胶,耐碰撞。 5. The body is anti-collision plastic, resistant to collision.

Technical indicators:


热收缩枪 S998 heat shrink gun

热收缩枪 S975 heat shrink gun

Thermal power

千瓦时/小时 50 kWh / hour

千瓦时/小时 36 kWh / hour

Operating pressure



Air pressure flow

立方米 50 cubic meters 小时 / Hour

立方米/小时 33 cubic meters / hour

Propane consumption

公斤 3.6 kg 小时 / Hour

公斤 2.6 kg 小时 / Hour

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