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BMD450 / BS400 automatic heat shrinking machine

BMD450 / BS400 automatic heat shrinking machine


全封闭型全自动热收缩机 热收缩包装 设备中先进、自动化程度较高的一款产品。 BMD450 / BS400 fully enclosed full-automatic heat shrinking machine is an advanced and highly automated product in heat shrink packaging machine equipment. POF 膜封切及热收缩包装,原材料为对折膜片。 This product is only suitable for POF film sealing and cutting and heat shrink packaging. The raw material is half-fold film. 全自动热收缩包装机 可以自动送膜、然后自动制袋、表面抚平,封口切膜 打包 、热收缩包装一次完成。 BMD450 / BS400 automatic heat shrink packaging machine can automatically send film, then automatically make bags, smooth the surface, seal and cut the film , and heat shrink packaging. At the same time, waste can be recycled. 全自动热收缩机 的切刀为恒温式特级铝合金材料,为 POF 膜片封切特制。 The cutter of BMD450 / BS400 automatic heat shrinking machine is a constant temperature special aluminum alloy material, which is specially made for sealing and cutting of POF film. The cutter is characterized by a thin sealing line and anti-sticking. BMD450/BS400 全自动热收缩包装机 可以在一定范围内调整,不用更换磨具。 In addition, for different packaging sizes, the BMD450 / BS400 fully automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine can be adjusted within a certain range without changing the grinding tool. At the same time, you can manually adjust the temperature of the heat shrinkable furnace and the speed of heat shrinkable packaging. This product is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetics, electronics, toys and other fields.

There are two options for the appearance of this product: carbon steel spray and all stainless steel


Technical indicators:

type         number

(热收缩机) BS400 (heat shrinking machine)

(封切机) BMD450 (sealing and cutting machine)

Electricity         source

380V 50Hz

220V 50Hz

Work         rate



Conveying speed

10m / min

35Bags / min

Packaging size

400x 320mm (WxH)


Sealing and cutting size


560x400x 125mm

gas        Press



outer type ruler Inch

1600x600x 1260mm


whole machine weight the amount



the Lord To material quality

Carbon steel or stainless steel

Carbon steel or stainless steel


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