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OB / OP-301A unmanned small automatic belt machine (paper tape / film tape)

OB / OP-301A unmanned small automatic belt machine (paper tape / film tape)

Product introduction:

OB / OP-301A unmanned small automatic strapping machine is an automatic strapping machine specially designed for continuous packaging of light goods lines. It is packed with paper tape or film tape, using hot-melt bonding, and product packaging. Simple and beautiful. Suitable for paper products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronic products and general light goods. 200 Wide range of packing: width 200 -310mm 100 , Height 100 -200mm No need to adjust, can be arbitrarily packed. 操作方式具有手动、自动及暂时停止三种捆包方式简便易用,人性化设计操作方便。 OB / OP-301A unmanned small automatic strapping machine has three operation modes: manual, automatic and temporary stop. It is easy to use and easy to operate with humanized design. 0.5 Tightness at 0.5 -4KG The inside can be adjusted freely to ensure that the product is tightly packed and the product is not damaged. 带有电子眼传感器 , 衔接输送带可以达到完全无人化的功效。 The device has an electronic eye sensor , which can be completely unmanned by connecting the conveyor belt.

Technical indicators:


OB / OP -301A

Minimum bundling size

100 (W) * 200 (H)

Strapping size

200 (W) * 310 (H)


maximum 9 meters 分钟 / Minute

Packing tightness


power supply

220v / 110v 50Hz / 60Hz

Carrying capacity



570x583x 490mm (LxWxH)

Total Weight


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