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BDK-380 / 30 small automatic belt machine (paper tape / film tape)

BDK-380 / 30 small automatic belt machine (paper tape / film tape)

Product introduction:

小型 自动束带打包机是 YUPACK 品牌专利产品之一,该机为自动捆包设备,系统启动后捆扎带自动从弓架上方落下,自动完成束紧、加热黏合、剪断,捆包一次仅需 2 秒钟。 BDK-380 / 30 small automatic strapping strapping machine is one of the patented products of the YUPACK brand. This machine is an automatic strapping device. After the system is started, the strapping strap automatically falls from the top of the bow frame to complete the tightening, heating, bonding, cutting, and strapping. It only takes 2 seconds to pack . 小型自动束带机采用了 PLC 控制,操作屏可对参数进行调整或操作,外设方便键,可实现手动,自动,暂停,停留四种操作模式,用户的要求尽在体现中。 BDK-380 / 30 small automatic strapping machine adopts PLC control. The operation screen can adjust or operate parameters. Convenient peripheral keys can realize manual, automatic, pause and stop four operation modes. The user's requirements are fully reflected. in. 小型自动束带机设备 80% 配件为原装进口,其中 plc 为德国西门子,控制电器为日本欧姆龙,配备韩国驱动电机。 80% of the accessories of BDK-380 / 30 small automatic strapping machine equipment are imported from the original. Among them, PLC is Siemens from Germany, Omron from Japan, and South Korean drive motor. The device is available in two sizes: 20mm or 30mm . It needs to be set before the machine leaves the factory.
   小型自动束带打包机它所采用的束带除普通纸带,薄膜带外,还可采用彩色带,防伪带,防静电带。 BDK-380 / 30 small automatic belt strapping machine, in addition to the ordinary paper tape, film tape, can also use color tape, anti-counterfeiting tape, anti-static tape. (Note: Except for paper tape and film tape, other tape types must be provided according to user requirements.)


Closed belt path

Technical index:


BDK-380 / 30

Bundle size

:380x Maximum size : 380x 200mm :


30 / 30 bundles / min

Applicable strap material

/ 薄膜带(彩色带、防伪带、防静电带) Paper tape / film tape (color tape, anti-counterfeit tape, anti-static tape)

Film strip specifications

30& (Width 30 & 20mm * ) * Thick 0.035mm * Long 185m

Packing tightness


power supply

220v / 110v 50Hz / 60Hz




590x346x 490mm (LxWxH)

Total Weight


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