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MS-757 Small Automatic Packer

MS-757 Small Automatic Packer

Product introduction:

NICHIRO 工业株式会社原装进口机芯,体积小,采用 5-9mmPP 带,MS-757小型自动打包机为自动捆包设备,系统启动后捆扎带自动从弓架上方落下,自动完成束紧、加热黏合、剪断。 MS-757 small automatic strapping machine is also called small automatic strapping machine. This machine is an original imported movement from Japan NICHIRO Industry Co., Ltd., small size, using 5-9mmPP belt, MS-757 small automatic strapping machine is automatic strapping equipment, After starting, the strapping belt will automatically fall from the top of the bow frame, and it will automatically complete the tightening, heat bonding and cutting. Suitable for packing electronic products, gifts, printed matter, medicines and other light objects with perfect packaging effect. 外型美观轻巧,体积小,重量仅 MS-757 small automatic strapping machine has beautiful appearance, light weight, small size and weight 21KG Easy to move. 2 Tightness can be in 2 -8KG Within adjustment. With less power, the machine runs quietly and saves power, and the machine runs quietly and saves power.

Technical indicators:



bundle package speed degree

/ 3 seconds / bundle

带宽度 PP belt width

5.6.8 /0.4 .9mm width / 0.4 -0.6mm thick

bundle Pack tight degree

2 Adjustable ( 2 -8kg )

bundle package ruler Inch

Mini / 50 (W) x10 (H) mm

Max / 330 (W) x180 (H) mm

machine Device ruler Inch

775 (W) x500 (D) x450 (H) mm

weight     the amount


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