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KZBT-A Desktop Small Packer

KZBT-A Desktop Small Packer

Product introduction:

打包机 , YUPACK 品牌专利产品之一,该产品特点是体积小,重量轻,如果不放打包带裸机重量只有 KZBT-A desktop small baler is also called desktop baler . It is one of the patented products of the YUPACK brand. 20kg , Can be operated on the desktop. The operation method is the same as that of the industrial semi-automatic baler, except that the manual rewinding is required, and the rest of the work, including product tightening, heat bonding, and cutting, are all done automatically. Tightening force can be adjusted manually. This product is widely used in the packing of various small items such as banknotes, bills, mail parcels, printed matter, gifts, etc.

Technical indicators:



Strapping force


Strapping speed


Strapping width

6 -12mm

Applicable strapping material

打包带 PP strapping

Power supply

110V, 220-240V / 50-60Hz, 1Phase

Power consumption


Machine size

335 450 335 200mm

Machine weight


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