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T-66 portable electric PP strapping machine

T-66 portable electric PP strapping machine

Features of T-66 portable electric PP strapping machine:

15% 以上,并提高了结合强度二倍,有效增加运输上的安全系数。 It greatly reduces the packaging cost by more than 15% , and doubles the bonding strength, effectively increasing the safety factor in transportation.

No metal buckle is needed, no problems such as indentation and scratches are raised, which improves the aesthetics of the package.

When the packing is completed, the indicator light will flash green, and there will be a buzzer when the flashing is completed.

When the battery is low, the indicator light will flash red and keep beeping to remind to recharge.

According to product requirements, multiple bonding points can be packed to achieve the bonding effect close to the pulling force of the master tape.

The multi-layer stainless steel woven dust filter is arranged diagonally to ensure that the machine can work normally under a large amount of dust, small fibers and other harsh environments.

PET 带捆包机的配套工具,黏合新旧带卷,节省穿带时间及工作量。 It can be used as a supporting tool for automatic PET strapping machine, bonding the old and new tape rolls, saving the time and workload of tape passing.

NYLON+ 玻璃纤维( FIBER GLASS ),与 M16 步枪材质相同,有极佳的耐冲击性。 The case uses American DuPont NYLON + fiberglass ( FIBER GLASS ), which is the same material as the M16 rifle and has excellent impact resistance.

1.8KG ,简便省力。 Only one-handed operation is required , and the weight is only 1.8KG without battery , which is simple and labor-saving.

Technical index of T-66 portable electric PP strapping machine:


Empty weight

Tightening force

Applicable material

Applicable bandwidth


Charging time

Source of power





9 -16mm

0.6 -1.00mm

30 minutes

电源 230V power supply

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