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MS-757 Small Baler

MS-757 Small Baler

Product introduction:

   This machine is manufactured by the original imported movement from Japan NICHIRO Industry Co., Ltd. It has a small volume and uses 5-9mmP.P. Belts. It is suitable for packing electronic products, gifts, printed matter, medicines and other light objects. Especially antistatic PP belt , Packaging IC chip products, the packaging effect is the most perfect. The MS-757 small automatic baler is an automatic strapping device. After the system is started, the strapping belt will automatically fall from the top of the bow frame, automatically completing the tightening, heat bonding, and cutting. In addition, the company also provides more high-quality small balers for domestic and foreign customers to choose.

Performance characteristics:

外型美观轻巧:体积小,重量仅21KG,移动方便。 · Beautiful appearance and light weight: small size, weight is only 21KG, easy to move.

松紧度可调整:拉紧力2-8KG,可任意调整。 · Adjustable tightness: The tension is 2-8KG, which can be adjusted arbitrarily.

送退带顺畅:采用专利设计带道,送退带顺畅。 · Smooth feeding and returning belt: patented design belt path, smooth feeding and returning belt.

运转安静省电:采用较小动力,机器运转安静、省电 · Quiet operation and power saving: With less power, the machine runs quietly and saves power

Technical Parameters:



bundle package speed degree

/ 3 seconds / bundle

带宽度 PP belt width

5.6.8 /0.4 .9mm width / 0.4 -0.6mm thick

bundle Pack tight degree

2 Adjustable ( 2 -8kg )

bundle package ruler Inch

Mini / 50 (W) x10 (H) mm

Max / 330 (W) x180 (H) mm

machine Device ruler Inch

775 (W) x500 (D) x450 (H) mm

weight     the amount


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