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GEM-006 Steel Belt Manual Buckle Free Packer

GEM-006 Steel Belt Manual Buckle Free Packer

GEM-006 steel belt manual buckle baler product features:

Tightening, bonding, and cutting can be completed at one time without the need for iron buckles, clips and scissors, saving costs.
Machine is only heavy 4.5kg Easy to carry and operate.
0.5~ Applicable 0.5 ~ 0.65mm thickness, 13mm ~ 19mm Use for wide steel strips.
80% 以上。 Yin and Yang buckle connection, the joint is firm and can reach more than 80% of the tensile force of the steel belt .

动免扣钢带打包机 或选择 它型号钢带打包机If the strap is very wide or thick, please choose pneumatic strapless strapping machine or choose another type of strapping machine .

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GEM-006 steel belt manual buckle-free packer technical index:



steel strap thickness Steel strap thickness

0.5 ~ 0.65mm

steel strap width Steel strap width

13mm ~ 19mm

合力 Joint tension Joint tension

钢带拉力 80% > Steel belt tension 80%

Joint type Joint type

Yin Yang buckle

Machine weight


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