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HZQ420 Box Vacuum Inflatable Packaging Machine

HZQ420 Box Vacuum Inflatable Packaging Machine


包括机架以及设置在机架上的料盒输送机构、切膜机构、薄膜输送机构和热封机构, 盒式真空包装机在机架上还设有真空室和与真空室连接的真空泵,真空室包括上真空室和下真空室,上真空室和下真空室轴向相对活动地设置在导柱上,前述的热封机构设置在上真空室中,在下真空室中设有托料机构。 The HZQ420 box vacuum packaging machine includes a frame and a box conveying mechanism, a film cutting mechanism, a film conveying mechanism and a heat sealing mechanism provided on the frame. The box vacuum packaging machine also has a vacuum chamber and a A vacuum pump connected to a vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber includes an upper vacuum chamber and a lower vacuum chamber. The upper vacuum chamber and the lower vacuum chamber are relatively movably disposed on a guide post in an axial direction. The aforementioned heat sealing mechanism is disposed in the upper vacuum chamber, and There is a material holding mechanism.


烧烤、肉冻类、豆类制品、火腿、皮胆肠、酱菜、食用菌等各种快餐食品的真空包装、封口包装或真空充气包装。 Since the film of the box-type vacuum packaging machine is hot-pressed in a vacuum chamber, the food packaged by the packaging machine has a fresh-keeping function. As a further improvement, an inert gas is also filled in the vacuum chamber to make the fresh-keeping effect better. HZQ420 box Vacuum vacuum packaging machine is widely used in vacuum packaging, sealing packaging or vacuum inflation packaging of various fast foods such as barbecue, jellies, legume products, ham, gallbladder, pickles, edible fungi and so on.

Technical indicators:

≤1.332Kpa Vacuum degree: ≤1.332Kpa :
380V/50HZ Power: 380V / 50HZ
≥3 / Efficiency: ≥3 times / minute
3.2KW Power: 3.2KW
12007901620(mm) Shape: 1200 790 1620 (mm)
285447 Effective size of the mold: 285 447 45mm
weight: 460Kg

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