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MH-106B High-type Automatic Pressure Packer

MH-106B High-type Automatic Pressure Packer

Product introduction:

是一款针对于蓬松物品进行打包作业而专门设计的一款设备,该机由气缸的上下运动来实现将物品压缩,在压缩的同时机器会进行自动捆扎,因此可以将物品的体积减小,从而在运输过程中降低成本。 MH-106B high-stage automatic pressure packer is a device specially designed for packing bulky goods. This machine compresses the goods by the up and down movement of the air cylinder, and the machine will automatically bind when it is compressed. Therefore, the volume of the articles can be reduced, thereby reducing costs during transportation. The machine has two models, high and low.

Performance characteristics:

加压打包机也称压缩打包机专门为膨松物品捆包而设计 Pressure baler is also called compression baler specially designed for packing bulky goods

本机器的气压力量按用户设计,结构坚固,操作方便。 The pneumatic power of this machine is designed according to the user, and the structure is sturdy and easy to operate.

可依需要选择气压或油压缸,产品经加压捆包后,扎实牢固,节省运输空间及运费。 Pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders can be selected as required. After the products are packed under pressure, they are firm and solid, saving transportation space and freight.

适合于帆布、水泥袋及各种膨松之产品捆包。 Suitable for packing canvas, cement bags and various bulky products.

可以根据客户的需求,订制加压打包机;包括汽缸压力的设计、汽缸选择、平台宽度,龙门架的尺寸以及承载台面的设计等 , We can customize pressurizing packer according to customer's requirements; including design of cylinder pressure, cylinder selection, platform width, gantry size and design of bearing table

High pressure cylinder brand motor thick platen

Technical Parameters:



Strapping force


Strapping speed

秒/道 2.5 seconds / channel

Frame size

W800 * H 600mm (customizable)

Countertop height



Customized upon request

Cylinder stroke

Customized upon request

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 , 15mm

power supply

380V 50HZ   0.75kw

Machine size

1400 * 630 * 1100mm

Machine weight


Electrical configuration

控制,法国 “TE” ,日本 “OMRON” “ZIK” 电器,适合常规物体捆包 LG "PLC" control, France "TE" , Japan "OMRON" , "ZIK" appliances, suitable for conventional object packing

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