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ZBJ-1000S automatic chain rolling vacuum machine

ZBJ-1000S automatic chain rolling vacuum machine

One, product description

是双封口线设计,主要针对小袋包装,该真空包装机最大封口线可达 ZBJ-1000S continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine is a double sealing line design, mainly for small bag packaging. The maximum sealing line of this vacuum packaging machine is up to 1000mm 可满足高产量要求。 Can meet high output requirements. This machine has the remarkable characteristics of high accuracy, stable lifting, and accurate positioning of the rolling belt conveyor; the equipment operator does not need to manually adjust the position of the conveyor, which saves time and effort. 气动传动链式连续真空包机硬件配置极高。 ZBJ-100S0 pneumatic transmission chain continuous vacuum charter has extremely high hardware configuration. The contactor adopts Omron from Japan, and the switch appliance adopts the French Schneider brand, which has reliable quality and stable performance. The whole machine can be tilted at four angles to meet various packaging requirements. Rolling continuous packaging improves work efficiency.

连续滚动式真空包装机工艺精湛、做工考究,操作系统全密封,全机可用清水冲洗大量应用于生产酱菜或带液体的物品包装。 ZBJ-1000S continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine has exquisite workmanship and exquisite workmanship. The operating system is fully sealed. The whole machine can be washed with water and used in the production of pickles or liquid packaging.


Second, the main advantages

材质 All stainless steel SUS304

5mm Vacuum chamber extra thick steel plate, 8mm Vacuum chamber floor, never deformed

可编程逻辑控制器 Imported PLC programmable logic controller

Leading external rotary vane vacuum pump technology, low noise design

型真空泵。 Equipped with Sino-German joint venture V100 vacuum pump. (Exhaust speed 100m 3 小时)。 / Hour).

Third, the main technical indicators:

: 1125 440 Vacuum chamber size : length 1125 width 440 height 100mm

Sealing size: 990mm * 8mm * 2

: Center distance : 190mm 传送带 ) ( Conveyor )

: Vacuum pump : 100m3 小时 / Hour

: 50P Vacuum degree : 50P

:380V 50HZ Power : 380V 50HZ

:5KW Power : 5KW

: Machine weight : 700kg

: 1800 1400 Dimensions : length 1800 width 1400 height 1000mm

Fourth, optional functions

Extended sealing line

Vacuum pump can be equipped with:

型功率: 2.2KW 100 type power: 2.2KW

型功率: 4KW 160 type power: 4KW

型功率: 5.5KW 250 type power: 5.5KW

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