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YP-XL01 luggage packing machine

YP-XL01 luggage packing machine

行李包装机 是专为机场包装行李等而设计的。 YP-XL01 baggage packing machine is specially designed for packing luggage in airports. Therefore, it plays a protective role in the luggage transportation process to prevent damage. Prevent baggage being changed!

设备可以移动,操作人员将行李放到转台上,并根据行李的大小来调节垂直杆的,从而使行李可以平稳的放在转台上。 The luggage packing machine equipment can be moved. The operator puts the luggage on the turntable and adjusts the vertical rod according to the size of the luggage, so that the luggage can be placed on the turntable smoothly. 3 5 层即可! Then the operator presses the start button on the operation panel, and the device automatically packs. Generally, the luggage is 3 to 5 layers! After packaging, the operator manually cuts the film and then removes the luggage!

This machine can make battery-type passive baggage packers according to customer requirements.

Baggage packing machine function:

动力预拉伸膜架拉伸比可达 200% ,节约薄膜 * Stretching ratio of power pre-stretched film frame can reach 200% , saving film
操作人员手工调节垂直杆,保证货物安全平稳 * The operator manually adjusts the vertical rod to ensure the safety and stability of the cargo
薄膜张力可在操作面板直接调节 * Film tension can be adjusted directly on the operation panel
缠绕圈数程序可在操作面板直接调节 * The winding number program can be adjusted directly on the operation panel
转台速度 20RPM * Turntable speed 20RPM
设备可自由移动 * The device can move freely


Technical index of luggage packing machine:





600mmW x 1320mm L x 1114mm H

Packaging size

(180-350) mm W x (400-800) mm L x (300-600) mm H

Turntable speed

/分钟 20 rpm

Formwork system

Pre-stretch formwork

Electricity     source

220v / 50HZ / 1 Phase 0.75 kw

Turntable bearing


电压 Power / voltage

0.75kw / AC220V

Total Weight


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