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YP-P800F pre-stretched cylindrical winding packaging machine

YP-P800F pre-stretched cylindrical winding packaging machine

主要适用于圆筒状物体的包装,特别适用于小型圆筒状货物的封闭裹包,如:纺布、线圈、橡胶制品及造纸(品)等的包装。 YP-P800F pre-stretched cylindrical winding packaging machine is mainly suitable for the packaging of cylindrical objects, especially for closed wrapping of small cylindrical goods, such as: textiles, coils, rubber products and paper (products), etc. package of. Its characteristics: lightweight, convenient and easy to operate.

Control System:
转盘采用多棱设计,使之静止时更显轻巧,美观大方。 ◇ The turntable adopts a multi-edge design, which makes it more lightweight and beautiful when stationary.
转盘变频调速;链条传动。 Variable speed control of turntable; chain drive.
滚筒变频调速,便于控制包装效果,计数更精确。 ◇ The frequency conversion speed regulation of the drum is convenient for controlling the packaging effect and the counting is more accurate.
驱动电机采用硬齿面齿轮减速电机,可靠耐用,故障率小,结构紧凑。 ◇ The driving motor adopts a hard-toothed surface geared motor, which is reliable and durable, with low failure rate and compact structure.
转盘自动复位。 ◇ The turntable is reset automatically.

: Membrane frame system :
膜架为小型专用预拉伸输出系统,拉伸比 1 2.5( 可调 ) ◇ The film frame is a small and special pre-stretching output system with a stretch ratio of 1 : 2.5 ( adjustable ) .
薄膜高度调整:丝杠调节,稳定可靠,加之手轮,调整方便。 Film height adjustment: screw adjustment, stable and reliable, plus hand wheel, easy adjustment.
出膜方便,一拉即可;断膜时出膜自动停止输出; Convenient film ejection, just one pull; when the film is broken, the film output will stop automatically.

Clamping device.
侧压气缸设计于转辊下方,结构紧凑,无效空间减少。 ◇ The side pressure cylinder is designed below the rotating roller, which has a compact structure and reduced ineffective space.


Technical indicators:

item    Head

Participate     number

Packaging specifications ( mm)

φ (300-1000) * L (300-800)

Work efficiency

20-40 pieces / hour

Turntable bearing

150 kg

Turntable speed

0 ~ 12 rpm / min

Turntable diameter

φ 1100mm

Turntable height


Drum distance

320 mm

Total Weight


Power / voltage

1.0KW / AC380V

Packaging Materials

LLDPE stretch film thickness: 17 ~ 35um width: 250mm paper core: 3 inch core


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