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YP-W1600F cylindrical radial wrapping machine

YP-W1600F cylindrical radial wrapping machine

是为圆筒类产品外包装而设计的一种径向缠绕包装机械。 YP-W1600F Cylinder Radial Wrapping Packaging Machine is a radial wrapping machine designed for the outer packaging of cylindrical products. PLC 全程控制,操作方便。 This machine is controlled by PLC , which is easy to operate. This machine is mainly suitable for spirally wrapping the round surface of the reel-shaped object, and the two ends are protected by end caps. It can be applied to lighter and heavier products, and plays the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning. At the same time, according to the actual needs of packaging, automatic ejection, automatic online, composite packaging and other equipment can be selected.

Control System:

  可编程控制 , 便于控制包装效果。 PLC programmable control , easy to control the packaging effect.
缠绕层数可调。 ◇ The number of winding layers is adjustable.
托辊转速可调。 ◇ The speed of idler roller is adjustable.

Membrane frame system:

膜架为纯铸铝膜架 , 轻便稳定。 ◇ The film frame is a pure cast aluminum film frame , which is light and stable.
选用耐磨胶辊 , 使用寿命长。 ◇ The wear-resistant rubber roller is selected for long service life.
预拉伸膜架,预拉伸可达 250% Pre-stretched film frame, pre-stretched up to 250% .
自动送膜,直流调速。 Automatic film feeding, DC speed regulation.
薄膜系统随动机构,一拉即可。 ◇ Follow -up mechanism of film system, just pull it.
膜架行走速度可调。 The walking speed of the membrane frame is adjustable.
机械式限位,可随时调整限位块。 Mechanical limit, the limit block can be adjusted at any time.

Clamping device:

采用双向气缸夹紧。 Using two-way cylinder clamping.
可自动气动夹紧货物,夹紧范围可调。 Automatic pneumatic clamping of goods, adjustable clamping range.

Optional features:

自动顶出装置。 Automatic ejection device.

Technical Parameters:

item    Head

Participate    number

Packaging specifications ( mm)

φ (600-1500) * L (700-1600)

Work efficiency

20-30 pieces / hour

Roller bearing

Non-woven: 1000kg paper: 2000kg

Countertop height

Normal type : 460 mm / ejection type: 530 mm

Total Weight


Power / voltage

1.5KW / AC380V

Drum distance

420 mm

Air consumption

1000ml / min (with automatic ejection function)

Packaging Materials

LLDPE stretch film thickness: 17 ~ 35um width: 500mm paper core: 3 inch core

Overall dimensions ( L * W * H)

(1400 * 2460 * 1200) mm

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