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YP-Y2000F pre-stretched cylindrical winding packaging machine

YP-Y2000F pre-stretched cylindrical winding packaging machine

对圆筒状物体进行轴向包装,实现物体的整体裹包。 YP-Y2000F pre-stretched cylindrical winding packaging machine packs cylindrical objects axially to achieve the overall wrapping of objects. It is conducive to the storage, transportation and turnover of goods, and has the functions of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning. The packaging cost is low, the efficiency is high, and the packaging grade is improved. - 托盘两用型、自动顶出型、自动在线等设备。 At the same time, according to the actual needs of packaging, optional cylinder - tray dual-use type, automatic ejection type, automatic online and other equipment can be selected .

Control System:
人机界面操作系统,使操作更加方便。 Human-machine interface operating system makes operation more convenient.
  可编程控制。 PLC programmable control.
自由设置货物缠绕圈数。 Freely set the number of turns of the cargo.

Turntable system:
转盘变频调速;链条传动。 Variable speed control of turntable; chain drive.
转盘自动复位。 ◇ The turntable is reset automatically.
滚筒变频调速。 Drum frequency conversion speed regulation.
便于控制包装效果,计数更精确。 Easy to control the effect of packaging and more accurate counting.

: Membrane frame system :
膜架为动力预拉伸机构,预拉伸可达 250% ,减小耗膜量。 ◇ The film frame is a dynamic pre-stretching mechanism, and the pre-stretching can reach 250% to reduce the film consumption.
送膜速度可调,单独的直流电机控制。 Film feeding speed is adjustable and controlled by separate DC motor.
膜架上升、下降速度单独可调。 The rising and falling speed of the film frame can be adjusted separately.
膜架为纯铸铝膜架 , 轻便稳定。 ◇ The film frame is a pure cast aluminum film frame , which is light and stable.
选用耐磨胶辊 , 使用寿命长。 ◇ The wear-resistant rubber roller is selected for long service life.
薄膜系统随动机构,一拉即可。 ◇ Follow -up mechanism of film system, just pull it.
升降立柱为双链条结构,平稳可靠。 ◇ The lifting column is a double chain structure, which is stable and reliable.

Optional features:
自动顶出功能 : 采用气囊式气缸,耗气量为 1000ml/min Automatic ejection function : adopt air-bag type air cylinder, air consumption is 1000ml / min .
压顶装置。 Pressing device.
圆筒 / 托盘两用。 Drum / tray dual purpose.


Technical indicators:

item    Head

Participate    number

Packaging specifications ( mm)

φ (600-1500) * L (700-1600)

Work efficiency

20-30 rolls / hour

Turntable bearing

2000 kg (max)

Turntable speed

0 ~ 12 rpm / min

Turntable height

Normal type : 460 mm / ejection type: 530 mm

Turntable diameter

φ 2000 mm

Total Weight


Power / voltage

2.0 KW / AC380V ejection type: AC220V

Drum distance

420 mm

Packaging Materials

LLDPE stretch film thickness: 17 ~ 35um width: 500mm paper core: 3 inch core

Overall dimensions ( L * W * H)

(2895 * 2000 * 2270) mm

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