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YP-R1800F cantilever winding packaging machine

YP-R1800F cantilever winding packaging machine

主要适用于较轻较高且码垛后不稳定的产品或较重货物的裹包。 YP-R1800F cantilever winding packaging machine is mainly suitable for wrapping lighter and higher products that are unstable after palletizing or heavier goods. Its packaging cost is low and the efficiency is high. The installation method of this machine is flexible. It can be placed on the wall or fixed by a bracket. At the same time, according to your actual requirements, you can also use online equipment to automatically complete the entire process of sensing, packaging, centering, and conveying the goods. The conveying mechanism can use different forms such as idlers, belts, and chain plates. The upper film breaking mechanism can realize unmanned operation.

Control System:
  可编程控制。 PLC programmable control.
顶部及底部缠绕层数、次数、越顶时间、加固层数 0-9 可直接在面板上设置。 ◇ The number and number of winding layers at the top and bottom, the time of over the top, and the number of reinforcement layers 0-9 can be set directly on the panel.
操作简单:只需按自动运行按钮,即可完成整个包装过程。 Easy operation: Just press the auto-run button to complete the entire packaging process.
光电开关,自动感测货物的高度。 Photoelectric switch, automatically sense the height of the goods.
精选电器控制元件,可靠性高。 Selected electrical control components, high reliability.             
自动手动随时转换。 Automatic manual conversion at any time.

: Membrane frame system :
膜架为动力预拉伸机构,预拉伸可达 250% ,减小耗膜量。 ◇ The film frame is a dynamic pre-stretching mechanism, and the pre-stretching can reach 250% to reduce the film consumption.
送膜速度可调,单独的直流电机控制。 Film feeding speed is adjustable and controlled by separate DC motor.
膜架上升、下降速度单独可调。 The rising and falling speed of the film frame can be adjusted separately.
膜架为纯铸铝膜架 , 轻便稳定。 ◇ The film frame is a pure cast aluminum film frame , which is light and stable.
选用耐磨胶辊 , 使用寿命长。 ◇ The wear-resistant rubber roller is selected for long service life.
薄膜系统随动机构,一拉即可。 ◇ Follow -up mechanism of film system, just pull it.

Cantilever drive system:
悬臂速度 0-15rpm 速度变频调速。 Cantilever speed 0-15rpm, frequency conversion speed regulation.
悬臂具有高灵敏度紧急刹车系统。 Cantilever has high sensitivity emergency braking system.
包装完毕后悬臂可自动复位。 ◇ The cantilever can be reset automatically after packaging.
悬臂缓启缓停。 Cantilever slowly starts and stops.

开门膜架。 Open the film frame.


Technical indicators:

item    Head

Participate    number

Wrapping specifications ( L * W * H) mm

( 500-1300) * (500-1200) * 2200

Packaging efficiency

20-40 Torr / hour

Cantilever speed


Membrane frame mechanism

Pre-stretched film frame

Power / voltage

1.15kw / AC220V

Overall dimensions ( L * W * H)

3170 * 3469 * 3390 (including triangle bracket)

Packaging Materials

LLDPE stretch film thickness: 17 ~ 35um width: 500mm paper core: 3 inch core

Total Weight

680kg (body)

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