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ST6040AF automatic cuff type sealing shrink packaging machine

ST6040AF automatic cuff type sealing shrink packaging machine

Product Features:

全自动热收缩机 具有自动输送、进料、封切、收缩等流程的 全自动热收缩包装机 ,适合易拉罐、玻璃瓶、啤酒矿泉水等;需要计数整理列包装的物品,套入PE或PVC收缩膜,再进行收缩包装 ST6040AF + BSE6040A automatic heat shrinking machine with automatic conveying, feeding, sealing, shrinking and other processes, fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine , suitable for cans, glass bottles, beer mineral water, etc .; items that need to be counted and packed in rows, put in PE Or PVC shrink film, then shrink packaging

l       German advanced technology, produced in accordance with European craftsmanship

l       British " NORGEN" cylinder controls feeding and complete set of actions

l       Imported frequency converter, adjustable speed 0-12m / min

l       Imported Mitsubishi " PLC" programmable controller with stable performance

l       Upper and lower motor feeding system for easy film feeding

l       High-power dual-wind turbines to ensure sufficient circulating air volume

l       Super-type cooling system, the product is quickly cooled and shaped after heat shrinking

l       Enhanced transport motor to ensure smooth transportation ,

l       Conveying rollers are all solid rollers, and the outside is covered with silicone

l       Can withstand heavy objects and is not easy to wear

l       Sealing cutter surface is coated with Teflon non-adhesive layer to ensure clear sealing money, non-sticky film, and automatic protection function to prevent mis-cutting of packaging materials

l       Equipped with foundation screws to adjust the machine height

Technical Parameters:

Component model




220-240V / 50-60Hz

3P 220V, 380-460V / 50-60Hz

Work efficiency

12-18sets / min.

0-15m / min.

Shrinking furnace size

1500 500 450mm

1500 600 400mm

Air pressure / product size

1HP / 2KW

550 350mm

Conveyor width / load


35kg Maximum

Machine size

2100 1350 1900mm

2450 840 1500mm

Machine weight



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