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ST5040 / 6040 Semi-auto Sleeve Sealing Shrink Packaging Machine

ST5040 / 6040 Semi-auto Sleeve Sealing Shrink Packaging Machine

Product Features:

系列半自动收缩机有两种组合: ST5040+BSE5045A和ST6040+BSE6040A,该系列 半自动热收缩机 适合用于易拉罐、矿泉水、啤酒、玻璃瓶、饮料等各种瓶装产品的无底托(或有底托)热收缩包装;同时与恒温PE收缩炉配套使用,使物品达到完全的包装效果。 There are two combinations of ST5040 / 6040 series semi-automatic shrinking machines: ST5040 + BSE5045A and ST6040 + BSE6040A. This series of semi-automatic shrinking machines are suitable for bottomless trays of various bottled products such as cans, mineral water, beer, glass bottles, and beverages ( (With bottom bracket) heat shrinkable packaging; at the same time, it is used in conjunction with a constant temperature PE shrinking furnace to achieve a complete packaging effect. This set of equipment adopts advanced German technology, and its main accessories are all well-known foreign brands, such as Omron, Mitsubishi, Fuji, etc .; the whole machine has stable performance and long service life.

Technical Parameters:

Component model



Packaging size

L450 W270 H350mm

L450 W560 H360mm

Minimum package size

250 60 60mm

250 60 60mm


220-240V / 50-60Hz

220-240V / 50-60Hz

Work    rate



Packing speed

2-5pcs / minute

2-5pcs / minute

Sealing time / shrink time

0.5-1.5s (sealing time)


Carry     weight



Film width / thickness

Max. 550mm (film width)

Max. 550mm

Machine size

L1020 W830 H1980mm

L1150 W910 H1860mm

Machine weight



Applicable shrink film


For the technical parameters of BSE5045A heat shrink machine and BSE6040A heat shrink machine, please refer to our corresponding products

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