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FM3280 / 5540A hot-cut, shrink two-in-one heat shrink packaging machine

FM3280 / 5540A hot-cut, shrink two-in-one heat shrink packaging machine

Product Features:

POF 、 PP 、 PVC 收缩膜为材料、集封口和收缩于一体,只须一个人工作便可完成封口和收缩作业,且降低了功率的消耗,广泛用于饮料、礼品、五金、化妆品、玩具、塑胶、竹木产品的外包装 FM3280 / 5540A hot-shear, shrink two-in-one heat shrink packaging machine uses POF, PP, PVC shrink film as material, integrates sealing and shrinking, only one person can complete sealing and shrinking operations, and reduces power consumption , Widely used in the packaging of beverages, gifts, hardware, cosmetics, toys, plastics, bamboo and wood products

l             Set sealing and shrinking at one time;

l             The shrinkage of the package can be seen through the glass cover

l             The sealing is made of high temperature resistant PITFE ceramic, which will not be burnt after long-term use;

l             Equipped with pinhole equipment for rolling film to fully exhaust the air in the film;

l             Sliding film holder, can put various specifications of film;

l             Low power consumption, the average power consumption is only 2.5KW per hour ;

l             Can be operated for a long time without causing the surrounding environment to be too hot;

l             Small footprint, requiring only one person to complete the entire shrink wrap

l             FM5540A is also equipped with a stainless steel conveyor net, the height can be adjusted at will, and the product is automatically output after packaging, which shortens the time and doubles the production volume;

Technical Parameters:

type    number




110,220-240V / 50-60Hz   1∮

Packaging size

300 280 150mm

550 440 300mm

Work efficiency

400-600pcs / h.

500-800pcs / h.

Machine size

950 550 1000mm

1360 730 1450mm

Machine weight



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