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BSD350 / 400/450 heat shrinking machine

BSD350 / 400/450 heat shrinking machine

Product Features:

BSD350 / 400/450 heat shrinking machine uses far-infrared tube heating, electronic stepless speed regulation; closed hot air internal circulation type, electronic solid-state electrical control, stable and reliable, low noise and long life; during shrinking, it does not affect the packaging Quality, but can shrink quickly and perfectly, the packaged product can be sealed, moisture-proof, impact-proof, suitable for tight packing of multiple items and tray packaging.

Technical Parameters:

type      number





220-240V / 50Hz

220-240V / 50Hz

380-415V / 50Hz

Heating tube power

4KW Adjustable

6.5KW Adjustable

8KW Adjustable

transfer speed

0-10m / min.

0-10m / min.

0-10m / min.

Shrinking furnace size

700 350 150mm

830 400 200mm

830 450 250mm

Product Size

300 150mm

350 150mm

400 200mm

Transmission maximum load

5kg Maximum

5kg Maximum

10kg Maximum

Furnace temperature

200 ℃ Maximum

200 ℃ Maximum

200 ℃ Maximum

Machine size

1050 550 1100mm

1200 600 785mm

1200 690 1200mm

Machine weight




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