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DBA130A Semi-automatic pallet packer

DBA130A Semi-automatic pallet packer

Product introduction:

是一款专门为栈板类产品打包的半自动打包机,使用时需将机器导轨推入到栈板底部,当完成打包作业后再将导轨折回机器上进行固定,方便移动,工作效率高。 DBA130A semi-automatic pallet packer is a semi-automatic packer specially for pallet products. When using it, you need to push the guide rail of the machine to the bottom of the pallet. After the packaging operation is completed, the guide rail is folded back to the machine for fixing, which is convenient to move. ,high working efficiency.

Performance characteristics:

新型集成线路:采用接入式 PC 板控制整个打包动作 New integrated circuit: use the access type PC board to control the whole packing action

超低音设计:整机组合完善成熟,特低噪音,减轻工作压力 Subwoofer design: complete and mature combination, ultra-low noise, reduce work pressure

瞬间加热: 5 秒内加热,就可进入最佳打包状态 Instantaneous heating: heating within 5 seconds, you can enter the best packing state

自动停止、省电实用:捆包动作完成后 60 秒内停机处待机状态 Automatic stop, power saving and practical: Standby at standstill within 60 seconds after the packing operation is completed

新一代电热钢片设计:没有变形短路的特点 New generation of electric steel sheet design: no deformation short circuit

包装适用范围广:市场任何打包带,且从 6mm~ Wide range of packaging: any packing belt in the market, and from 6mm ~ 15mm , Best bonding effect

Double roller guide with built-in reel control panel

Technical Parameters:


DBA -130A

Strapping force


Strapping speed

秒/道 2.5 seconds / channel

Applicable strapping width

12 9 , 12 15mm

power supply

110 / 220V 50 / 60HZ . Simplex



Machine size

900 * 670 * 1600mm

Machine weight


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