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About Qingdao Aixun

Repair parts

Qingdao Aixun provides various imported and domestic packaging equipment repair parts:

Baler accessories, semi-automatic baler accessories, fully automatic baler accessories, strapping machine accessories 1> Computer controller 2> Hybrid drive 3> Reactive stepper motor driver 4> Displacement sensor 5> Reactive stepper motor 6> Hybrid Stepper motor 7> Feeding tributary motor 8> Photoelectric sensor 9> Main motor control board 10> Static eliminator 11> Static elimination frame 12> Photoelectric switch 13> Discharge frame 14> Photo frame 15> Synchronous belt 16> Conveyor belt 17> Cold Cut 18> Heat closing knife 19> Heat knife heating sheet 20> Extension spring 21> Lifting and dipping wheel 22> Full output rack 23> Bag machine emptyer 24> Inverter 25> Correction controller 26> Centrifugal fan 27> Hall switch 28> Stroke switch 29> Temperature control table 30> High temperature film 31> Vertical cutting frame 32> Rubber roller 33> Bottom seal heat knife 34> Side seal heat knife 35> Synchronous motor 36> Aviation plug 37> Synchronous belt Wheel 38> Computer control cabinet 39> Electromagnetic relay 40> Alarm 41> Punch mold 42> Magnetic powder 43> Folder, etc.

Automation, intelligent PLC control system components

Assembly line components and accessories: travel switches, stepper motors, chains, slides, stoppers, etc.

Direct sales of hot products: baler semi-automatic baler strapping machine shrinking machine box sealing machine vacuum packaging machine small vacuum packaging machine winding machine pressure baler steel belt baler
Small baler manual baler pet baler electric baler pneumatic baler wrapper nailer pp packing belt pet packing belt stretch film