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(YUPACK-AUSENSE) 全称青岛艾讯包装设备有限公司 ,专业 致力于生产制造行业自动化包装设备的设计、委托制造与销售 Qingdao Aipun (AUPACK-AUSENSE) is the full name of Qingdao Aipun Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. , specializing in the design, commissioned manufacturing and sales of automated packaging equipment in the manufacturing industry . 2001 年,早期以代理国外自动识别设备为主,自 2005 年开始,与国内知名包装设备企业合作,专注于国内自动化包装市场的发展。 Established in 2001 , it mainly acted as an agent for foreign automatic identification equipment in the early stage. Since 2005 , it has cooperated with well-known domestic packaging equipment companies to focus on the development of the domestic automated packaging market.

专业销售各种自动化包装设备及包装材料,在青岛和杭州分别设有合作工厂。 Qingdao Aixun Packaging specializes in sales of various automated packaging equipment and packaging materials, and has cooperative factories in Qingdao and Hangzhou. 全自动打包机、半自动打包机、手动打包机、封箱机、缠绕机、收缩机、灌装机、 真空包装机及设计各种自动流水线 ;生产销售打包带、拉伸膜等包装材料;同时代理欧美优良包装设备。 The products of Qingdao Aixun Packaging include: full automatic baler, semi-automatic baler, manual baler, box sealer, winding machine, shrinking machine, filling machine, vacuum packaging machine and designing various automatic assembly lines ; production and sales packing belt, Stretch film and other packaging materials; meanwhile, it is the agent of excellent packaging equipment in Europe and America.

    致力于机电一体化、通信、网络等领域多项自动化控制技术的开发研究,凭借多年来所积累的技术能力和高素质的专业人才,为以生产制造业为主的各行业提供一流的设备和完善的解决方案。 Qingdao Aixun Packaging has long been committed to the development and research of a number of automation control technologies in the fields of mechatronics, communications, networking and other fields. With years of accumulated technical capabilities and high-quality professionals, it has been engaged in various industries mainly in manufacturing Provide first-class equipment and complete solutions.

艾讯包装销售的主打品牌为“YUPACK”,企业拥有多项中国发明及实用新型专利。 The main brand of Qingdao Aixun Packaging Sales is "YUPACK", and the company holds a number of Chinese invention and utility model patents. CE TUV ISO9001(2000) 认证;生产工厂参与了中国机械行业标准《机械式捆扎机》、《封箱机》的起草工作;获包装行业多项优质产品荣誉;艾讯包装产品广泛应用在国内知名企业和部分世界 500 强企业中,艾讯包装在中国包装机械行业中处于领先地位。 Passed CE , TUV , ISO9001 (2000) certification; the production plant participated in the drafting of the Chinese machinery industry standard "Mechanical Strapping Machine" and "Box Sealing Machine"; won many honors for high-quality products in the packaging industry; Aixun packaging products are widely used Among well-known domestic companies and some of the world's top 500 companies, Aixun Packaging is a leader in China's packaging machinery industry.

Direct sales of hot products: baler semi-automatic baler strapping machine shrinking machine box sealing machine vacuum packaging machine small vacuum packaging machine winding machine pressure baler steel belt baler
Small baler manual baler pet baler electric baler pneumatic baler wrapper nailer pp packing belt pet packing belt stretch film